Game of the Year (2014) – Part 1


Tim, Makana, Jason, Aaron … Club Xbox, Club Playstation and Club Steam team up for the first of two Game of the Year episodes. In this episode our nominees are selected and some news is covered. Next week deliberations will be made to decide the 2014 Game of the Year.

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Tim can be found on his YouTube channelTwitterMiiverse and in the iBookstore. Xbox Live Gamertag: tchaten.

Jonathan can be found via Twitter and on Xbox Live (Gamertag: JBOcho44).
Makana can be found via Twitter and on XBL/PSN/NNID: MMAoracle – his music is also available for sale on iTunes.

Nick can be found on Twitter (@NickRodrigues) and on PSN/XBL: InsaneCrazy777
Jason can be found on Twitter (@RisnDevil) and on PSN/XBL/NNID: RisnDevil

Aaron can be found via Twitter and on MiiverseSteam ID: alrivera423

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